Cleaning Services

If you need a cleaner for your residential or commercial property, Simply Happy Cleaning in Denver is a professional cleaning service that offers all around cleaning services. Whether you need deep cleaning before or after a move, or if you just need home and office organization help, we have the professional cleaners for the job. We offer top to bottom cleaning services for seasonal cleanings, routine cleanings, specialty cleanings, post-construction cleanings, Airbnb cleanings, and so forth for Denver area residents.

Home Cleaning Services in Denver

From crown molding to floors, our Denver team of professional cleaners takes care of all the rooms in your house to make it feel more like a home. Whether you just need a light clean home cleaning from week to week, or if it’s time for a seasonal deep clean, we can take care of it. Deep cleaning the home is important from time to time, not just for moving in and out, but for busting dust and making the air you breathe fresh again.


Our Simple Mission

Our mission at Simply Happy Cleaning is to go above and beyond to create great relationships and provide high-quality service. Currently serving residential clients in Arvada, Westminster and nearby Colorado neighborhoods, we aim to delight clients through our attention to detail, open communication and professionalism. Call or text 303-523-1493 with any questions or to arrange a quick in-home estimate. We’d love to serve you!


Residential Home Cleaning

Remove the headache of cleaning your home on your own through our wide range of house cleaning services, including onetime deep cleaning, schedules cleanings, move-in/move-out cleaning, regular home organization, and basic maintenance cleaning solution.

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Move In / Move Out Cleaning

If you’re moving your business to a different commercial property, our professional cleaners at Simply Happy Cleaning in Denver can make certain that you leave behind a spotless building for whoever takes your place.

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Deep Cleaning Services

During allergy and flu season, it is important to keep a clean, sanitary environment where work can be accomplished, and occupants can remain healthy. If you need an office deep clean, Simply Happy Cleaners in Denver has the team, supplies, products, and enthusiasm to complete the job.

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Commercial Cleaning Services in Denver

Simply Happy Cleaning in Denver offers complete office cleaning services for your business space. Regular janitorial services are instrumental in keeping things tidy, but it is crucial to have a good cleaning and sanitization crew visit your property from time to time as well. Routine cleanings and deep cleanings help create a healthier environment that both looks and feels more professional. The lifespan of your carpet, upholstery, and furniture will also increase when you keep them maintained with regular office cleanings.

Residential Moving Cleaning Services in Denver

When it’s time to move in or out of your home, our cleaning professionals at Simply Happy Cleaning in Denver are eager to help you out. We’ll make sure you leave behind a spotless property and move into one that is the same. Moving houses means lots of foot traffic and dust. Let us handle the deep cleaning of your entire home so you can focus on more important things.

We Proudly Use Natural Products

Using safe, natural products makes us different from the rest. We know how important it is to not have to worry about your children or pets coming into contact with any harsh chemical cleaners. Got your own preferred cleaning products? We're happy to use those instead!


Commercial Moving Cleaning Services in Denver

Moving from one commercial property to the next and taking your whole business with you is a grand task in and of itself. Having to worry about leaving behind a clean building while also making sure the inside of your new building is clean can be a stressful addition to the “to do” list. That’s when it’s smart to let Denver cleaning company Simply Happy Cleaning come in and help. We offer all around cleaning services from top to bottom for commercial buildings.

Post Construction Cleaning Services in Denver

If you’ve recently built a house or business, or undergone renovations to your current house or business, there is likely a mess left in your wake. We provide top to bottom cleaning services and post-construction cleaning that includes wall washing, air filter cleaning, nook and cranny cleaning, bathroom and floor cleaning, cobweb clearing, and much more. We can perform minor or major post-construction cleaning services depending on the work that was done and the level of cleanliness you prefer.

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Specialty Cleaning Services in Denver

If you need a cleaner that offers special cleaning services, Simply Happy Cleaning in Denver is a cleaning company that does the dirty work. We can give special attention to specific areas for certain events if that’s what you need. If you need more meticulous cleaning, like appliance cleaning and interior cabinet cleaning, we can focus on those areas as well. We are here for your convenience and peace of mind, so use us as you need.

Seasonal Cleaning in Denver

When it comes to spring cleaning, there’s just so much to do. You can take advice from the internet and spend weeks cleaning your property by dividing the workload across several days, or you can call Simply Happy Cleaning in Denver and get your weekends back. We will quickly, thoroughly, and professionally complete the job. We won’t miss a spot, and if we do, we will return promptly to make sure it is just as clean as the rest of your home or business.


Top to Bottom Cleaning Services in Denver

If your home or business has a lot of windows, or just large windows, chances are you haven’t made an effort to clean them all yourself. It’s a lot of work and can be dangerous if you don’t have the proper tools and training. Luckily for you, Simply Happy Cleaning in Denver possesses the proper tools and training to not only handle large window washing, but also floor, carpet, and appliance cleaning. Our all around cleaning services are comprehensive and thorough; we know how to achieve results.

Routine and Scheduled Cleaning Services in Denver

Life gets in the way of taking care of ourselves sometimes, so instead of putting cleaning on the back burner, delegate that responsibility to us. We offer maid service and routine and scheduled cleaning services to our Denver area clients. Just schedule an appointment with us, and we will make sure that your area stays clean and stress free. Regular cleaning services will reduce the amount of mess that accumulates in your area, as well.


Home and Office Organization in Denver

Our complete cleaning services include home and office organization. If your Denver home or office is chaotic with clutter, we can assist by figuring out an organization system and getting everything in proper order. Our professional cleaning services extend beyond simple cleaning—it includes simple changes to your environment to restore peace and order to your personal space.

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For years, the mission at Simply Happy Cleaning has been to provide the Denver, CO community with exceptional cleaning and quality service. We value our client relationships and stake our reputation on your satisfaction. By using natural products in Denver, CO, we make your freshly cleaned property free of chemical residue, so you don’t have to worry about cleanliness harming pets or children. Give us a call, or shoot us a text, and we will give you a free estimate!